Send me your sofas

When I started capturing sofas in Cairo, the initial game turned into a real socio-anthropologic photo project. Wherever I used to go, I’d look out for sofas and consequently for stories. In fact sofas became to me an element of the scenography able to depict the reality’s complexity in which I was living.

The habit of seeking sofas soon became contagious, at such extent that friends and acquaintances began sending me photos or GPS coordinates of the discovered sofas giving birth – involuntarily – to a new series: Sofas around the world.

I would like to extend the possibility to contribute to the series also to outsiders. You just have to follow a few indications:

  • You can use whatever tool to shoot the photo: analog or digital camera, smartphone, polaroid… ;
  • The sofa must be the main character and must be in a frontal position;
  • Send me an email at: Add the date and location, a short caption and the link to your website/blog if you have one.

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