Frustration..the world remains silent.

It’s frustrating.
It’s frustrating to hear the news in these days, ’cause it’s deviant misinformation.
all I hear is: “Three young boys kidnapped by Hamas”
Well, at this point I’d like to specify a few points:

1. It should be mentioned that it’s three young ILLEGAL SETTLERS. They probably are soldiers too.

2. These three illegal settlers were kidnapped in AREA C – area under the Israeli control. It’s very convenient to accuse the PA of their disappearance and make the world think that the Palestinian government has responsibilities in it when they don’t have ANY sovereignty over that area.
Area C, very conveniently, becomes again an area under the Israeli control when it’s time to burst into families houses in the middle of the night, demolish houses, confiscate land, arrest, humiliate and..kill.

3. Where’s the evidence that it’s been Hamas to kidnap them? Netanyahu gave no evidence at all and Hamas doesn’t claim the kidnapping.
Honestly, I wonder if this is not a strategy of a bigger plan. Netanyahu has never accepted the agreement between Hamas and Al-Fatah. He never recognised the right of Palestinians to have new elections…and now, all of a sudden, three settlers disappear and Hamas is the guilty one.

4. The whole West Bank has been declared “closed military zone” and 200 Palestinians have been kidnapped from their houses in two days, amongst them: 10 deputies, journalists, students and activists. Didn’t hear this mentioned on the news.

5. Gaza is being bombed since 5 days now. A 7 years old boy has been killed, has anyone talked about that? (rhetorical question). In Jalazone a 20 year old boy has been killed, shot at close range. But he’s Palestinian, so apparently for the mainstream news he’s not human enough to get a mention.

6. #bringbackourboys as to: all the Palestinian children prisoners, administrative prisoners kidnapped by the Zionist Israeli State. To all the martyrs killed by the Zionist Israeli State that will never be able to go back to their families and still have not received justice.

66 years of occupation.
Palestinians have been kidnapped from their right to live.

PLEASE share!

PLEASE occupy the streets and be the voice of Palestine!

All eyes now are on the World Cup!We must move the attention!


18 June 2014 – update

If at the beginning it was only a suspicion, now I’m sure: the disappearance of the three settlers is only an excuse, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a made-up story.

Netanyahu never accepted the reconciliation deal signed by Hamas and Al-Fatah, he never accepted the idea that Palestinians could have new elections, he could whine no more about Gaza not being under the PA control…

It’s not a coincidence if in these few days 200 Palestinians have been kidnaped, most of them belonging to Hamas or ex administrative prisoners released thanks to the agreements. It’s not a coincidence if Gaza is being bombed.
The aim is not to find the settlers but to affect Hamas.

Netanyahu has already declared that Hamas leaders will be deported to Gaza which, by the way, is against the International Law.

Hamas has NEVER claimed the “kidnapping” of the settlers, but even so…

All the West Bank has been declared military zone, checkpoints are everywhere, as soon as night falls the IOFs raid cities, villages, houses. They burst into the houses by blowing up the door, they terrorise, kidnap family members, steal money. The Palestinians are under siege.

This is not a research of disappeared persons, this is a collective punishment.

Israel just wants to annex all Palestine by any mean. Don’t believe to their lies and their attempts to discredit the Palestinians.

Speak up!
By staying silent you are supporting the oppressor.

to the USA – UN – EU – governments: not that I was expecting anything different from you, repellent retainers of power, but I didn’t read any condemnation on what’s going on. Shame on you!


19 June 2014

article on +972: “Parts of West Bank operation were planned ahead of time”

Parts of Operation Brother’s Keeper were planned in advance and are being implemented with no connection to their stated purpose – the return of the three kidnapped Israelis teenagers (…)