Chouftouhonna Feminist Festival – Tunis 2018 © Cladinè Curreli

With her camera wrapped up in a black and white kuffya, Eleonora Gatto has been living and travelling extensively throughout the Maghreb and Mashreq region.
In 2011, she landed in Cairo, where she had spent her childhood. Driven by the intention of revitalizing her past, she – instead – found herself confronting the present events which were shaking the whole country.
It’s during the Egyptian revolution that Eleonora realizes the power of photography as a mean to investigate the complexity of the reality surrounding her. In Cairo, she documented the different phases of the revolution until Morsi’s election in June 2012. In parallel, she started the photo series: “Sofa culture in Middle East” which was then extended to Palestine and the Iraqi Kurdistan. This project aims to depict the sociological role of sofas that, from pieces of indoor furniture, became goods of common use through the occupation of public spaces.
In 2014, she lived in the village of Nabi Saleh in the Occupied Palestinian Territories where she documented the violation of human rights perpetuated by the State of Israel towards the Palestinians. During her stay, she produced different audio-visual and photographic material, in addition to articles denouncing the on-going ethnic cleansing. Particular focus was given to the role of the women in the non violent popular struggle reflected in the portrait series “Palestinian women are planting seeds of resistance”.
Finally, always interested in the urban processes, currently Eleonora is working on a photographic project – “Where does the sky end?” – entirely based on the contrasts of Beirut captured with black and white film.
By combining her interest for social changes and uprisings, socio-anthropological dynamics and urbanism, Eleonora often offers an alternative and unique insight to the mainstream narrative.