Paris everyday in Middle East

I’ve been keeping this thought for myself up to now, but I’m reading articles, comments and statuses that just remind me of how eurocentric and ignorant we are in relation to our foreign policies in Middle East.
Although I’m grieving with all the rest of the world for the killings in Paris, I find all this mainstream media attention really hypocritical, and unfortunately – quite often – too biased and simplistic.
Yes, we have been attacked. And honestly I don’t find it so surprising. We have a colonial legacy which – btw – doesn’t belong to the past, it’s ongoing in more or less blatant ways. What we endured is unjustifiable, but…
– What about the mass killings in Yemen?
Ah, right…the Saudis are untouchable. lets just pretend nothing is going on there.
– What about the mass killings in Syria? Well, it’s been going on for so long that who cares anymore? Right.
(Just two weeks ago in a single Assad airstrike on a marketplace in Douma more than 80 civilians were killed and more than 500 injured)
– What about the daily killings in Palestine, what about the several Israeli military operations in Gaza? Ah, right..they are barely on the geographical map, so why bother?
– What about our interference in the whole region, supporting one ethnic-religious group, than another if not both, supporting dictators of the old regimes and the new ones…all just to fulfill our economic interests.
I mean…I think that most of the countries in Middle East have lost the count of how many 9/11 they suffered from.
I find it understandable that we feel more affected when things happen just next door , but we should have learnt by now that in this globalized world distances have ceased to exist, we are all interconnected. We should have learnt that borders, national affiliations, religions are a political-social construction; at the end of the day we are human beings, and as so we should just repudiate this warmongering logic.
One last thought: please don’t feed in even more the hidden agendas of the national states, bankers, weapon dealers ecc ecc by simplifying this crisis of humanity by stating it’s a clash of civilizations or religions. Please let’s not feed the cycle of violence by searching a scapegoat in the refugees.
Two days ago Beirut was attacked by Daesh. In the Paris attack, Muslims died. Amongst those that are escaping and getting killed there are also Muslims.
Refugees themselves are escaping from Daesh.
Let’s refuse fear, and selective solidarity and come together. No innocent civilian deserves to die, regardless the nationality.
I still believe that most of us want a different world. I still believe that together we could actually change it.