Tribute to Nabi Saleh

To my family in Nabi Saleh:
There have been times I didn’t feel adequate to the challenges, but now I realise how much stronger I became.
I have to thank all of you for that.
I’m thankful to all the inspiring and brave people I met during my stay as each one of you taught me something.
I learnt not to fear when your fighting for an equal world as the struggle itself gives you the force to overcome the obstacles. 
I learnt to look the oppressors straight in the eyes and feel pity for them as they’ve lost their humanity, they’re nothing else but slaves.
I learnt what RESISTANCE means.
Although I’m back in Italy, my heart and my mind are with you. Especially in these hard times.
This for sure is not the end, but the beginning. I’ll continue fighting for you and for Palestine.
I love you all,
Nora Tamimi
Palestine will be free