Women in struggle: Manal Tamimi

dsc0172This video interview is part of a broader project still in progress. Soon a preface on Women’s role in the Palestinians Resistance will be published.
“Palestinian women are planting seeds of resistance” Manal Tamimi
In Nabi Saleh women have a fundamental role in the popular struggle against the Israeli occupation. They are the driving force of the nonviolent movement. Every Friday, while chanting and proudly holding Palestinian flags, the women lead the march towards the confiscated land challenging the Israeli army. During my six months stay in Nabi Saleh I decided to interview 4 generations of women belonging to the village and active in the struggle. The intention was to understand what it means for a woman to live under occupation, her role in the popular struggle and the reasons of her resistance. Other issues related to the Israeli occupation will be tackled too as: two state or one state solution, the Palestinian Authority’s role, zionism-judaism, nonviolence and much more.
What I’m really interested in, is to understand the effects of the Israeli occupation on women and why in Nabi Saleh – differently from other villages – they feel the urge to and the duty to react to gender constructions which usually impose passivity on women.
The outcome of these video-interviews depict strong resistant women who are fully aware that liberation can’t be reached without women’s engagement in the struggle. The political engagement of these women is visible not only from their statements, it’s a flowing force that pervades their gestures and behaviours. It’s so powerful that it hits right in the guts, shaking up one’s consciousness.

This is the first of a series of video interviews. The other ones are in arabic, therefore it will take me some time to do the translation in English. Depending on the interest and the success of these videos, I’ll take in consideration the possibility to translate them also in other languages a part from English.
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